TAE40122 Accelerated Program & TAESS00024 Skill Set - Available sessions for teachers

Welcome to our booking portal.

This is the "Go-To" place for teachers enrolled in TAE40122 to book support calls, register for a live MS Teams interactive class, or to book one of our free events. If you're not a teacher, we have a separate support page for you.

Blueprint CD offers a variety of options and support methods for students who are working through their qualifications. We provide flexible learning options and quickly adapt to changes in the world to make the learning process as easy as possible.

FOR THOSE COMPLETING THE TAESS00024 SKILL SET (Non-consecutive/Book-as-you-go Version):
You will only need to book Days 1 to 4 plus the FREE support day from the booking links below.

MS Teams Days 1-3 - Book your first 3 sessions

IMPORTANT NOTE: Students MUST complete the Working In VET cluster (Day 1) BEFORE attending Design or Assessment sessions.

Days 1-3 include the following classes:

Day 1 - Working in VET Theory + Design TAS
Day 2 - Assess and Validate FSKWTG008
Day 3 - Assess and Validate BSBPEF202, Moderation

MS Teams Days 4-5

These can be booked in any order. 

Zoom Day 4 - Design - Session Plans 1st Unit of Competency
Zoom Day 5 - Working in VET Ethical Conversation| Foundation Skills

Day 8 - Project Support Day

Book this day for FREE

MS Teams Day 8 – Project Support Day

Anyone completing TAE40122 courses are able to book into this day for free

Support Options

TAE Homework Club
(Long Questions)

Available weekly on either a Tuesday or Thursday night, 6:30PM to 8:30PM (QLD time)
Have a question about one of the assessment pieces? Join one of our live, interactive homework club classes via MS Teams and speak with one of our friendly trainers. These are longer sessions that are really helpful for more in-depth questions.

Trainer Support
(Short Questions)

Have a short specific question about one of the assessment pieces?
Book in an individual support session with one of our trainers, who will help with your specific needs. (15-minute phone call)

Phone Support
(Help in navigating the Learner Portal)

Having problems with Axcelerate, MS Teams or another product?
One of our support staff can give you a call and help work through any problems you may be having. (15-minute phone call)

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